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Harsh Realities...   
10:18am 01/01/2008
  An acquaintance of mine is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya, and I just got the following message from her parents... Read more...Collapse )

We bitch and moan about our government all the time, but at least there isn't this type of corruption and manipulation going on. At least we don't have to be afraid of going out into the streets after an election. It makes you think.

I recently got done reading A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. I consider it a must-read, because we take so much for granted here. If you're interested, I'll let you borrow my copy as soon as my family finishes with it.
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09:40am 27/12/2007
  BTW, you guys get first dibs on this stuff, of course.  
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04:58pm 21/12/2007
  BTW, folks, I'm moving a few days after Christmas and starting today, the libraries are closed and I won't have internet until December 28 or 29. <3 <3, I'm not ignoring you. Call me if you need me.  
The Great Latke-Hamantasch Debate   
05:13pm 14/12/2007
  Cooking For Engineers. Yessss! In the comments sections of a few recipes I've looked at, they discuss things like kinetic energy and ideal methods for distributing heat as things cook or cool. It makes me sooo happy.

I think this summarizes why Jews are the Chosen People.

And if you're still not sure, listen to Cohen's "Consolations of Latkes".

Even if you're not Jewish, don't understand Yiddish, and don't have a bloody farthing what a latke or a hamantasch are... it's still wonderful for the sheer farcical but nobly academic debate over which is greater. ;)

In the debate at MIT, Robert J. Silbey, dean of its School of Science, has cited Google, which returns 380,000 hits on a search for "latke" and only 62,000 for "hamantaschen". Silbey has also claimed that latkes are the dark matter thought to make up over 21 percent of the mass of the universe.

The criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz, during a debate at Harvard University, accused the latke of increasing the United States' dependence on oil.

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04:05pm 11/12/2007
  Uh... excuse me?

Not cool.
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12:42pm 03/12/2007
  ...Okay. So you all know that I'm about as far from fashion-conscious as a female could ever conceive of being.

But we're supposed to go to Bat'a while we're in the Czech Republic, and I... I was looking at their website. And I started drooling. I currently own three pairs of shoes, only one of which is remotely feminine.

Oh. My. God. ($1 = 18 Kc)
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11:10am 21/11/2007
  From the Awesome Archives.  
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12:40pm 19/11/2007
  Bukowski just has that way of striking a chord.

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12:40pm 16/11/2007
mood: pensive
And she sings
'They say the most horrible things
But I hear violins, when I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done'

Conjure One - Center of the Sun

(Bonus for Lauren - I found Hummingbirds)
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Still trying to wrap my brain around this...   
10:31am 09/10/2007
  ELR offered me a job during my interview on Sunday. So unless something crazy happens, I'll be moving to Germany in April! I'll find out exact dates in Feb.

What'll I do between graduation and globe trotting? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably stay in Denton since it's a crappy time of year to go exploring. Unless I go to Australia. Have to reassess the kitten situation now that my mom is getting divorced, so that's my biggest concern for now.
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11:00am 28/09/2007
mood: amused
Once you get locked into a serious collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing right.
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10:01am 20/09/2007
  "Yes, but I didn't realize it until just now."  
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09:32pm 08/09/2007
mood: amused
Hrm... I guess that's one way to get excited about the Missionary Position... Bwahahaha...

[UPDATE:] There's a video. It's even better than just the website. Haaahahaha...
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12:36pm 07/09/2007
mood: amused
Impatient kittens are the best.
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06:43am 09/08/2007
  Latkes: A pancake-like structure not to be confused with anything the House
of Pancakes would put out. In a latka, the oil is in the pancake.
It is made with potatoes, onions, eggs and matzo meal. Latkas can be eaten
with applesauce, but NEVER with maple syrup. There is a rumor that in the
time of the Maccabees they lit a latka by mistake and it burned for eight
days. What is certain is that you will have heartburn for the same amount of
10:52pm 05/08/2007
  Yesss... after trying four different recipes (plus personal alterations), I have finally stumbled upon the perfect challah. And not only that, but I've even learned how to do the traditional six-stranded braid. All I need now is a bigger baking sheet, because this sucker is huuuuge. =D

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03:52pm 29/07/2007
  Have I mentioned recently how awesome Zoe Keating is? Here's a video of her in action. She samples what she's playing as she goes, then uses the samples to create different layers to the music.  
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07:21pm 08/07/2007
  Bored....Collapse )  
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12:30am 07/07/2007
  Can't have my little motorboat feeling left out...Collapse )  
06:28pm 06/07/2007
  LokiCollapse )  
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